Black on Black


Hi everyone! It has been almost two months I didn’t upload an article on my blog. This is due to the activities that make me quite busy, and I had to struggle to face the final exams at the beginning of last December. A few weeks ago, I had to prepare for the celebration of Christmas in the church yesterday. By the way, this might be a little late but it doesn’t matter. Merry Christmas to you, may the blessings and peace of Christmas be with us. Amen.

This morning, I visited LOKAL Hotel & Restaurant for breakfast with my mom and my brother. I’m wearing monochrome outfit with a little touch of gold on my neck is always a good idea. So, here’s the photos 🙂







Photos were taken by my brother Miguel Roberto

1. Jumpsuit – Event
2. Stripes Blazer – Event
3. Gold Necklace – Alice
4. Rolled Up Clutch Bag – Yukkirei Shop ( @yukkireishop )
5. Mishe Clara Black – Marc & Stuart

Its okay to leave your comments or perhaps you wanna ask something just write it here. Catch me on my Instagram: aubreycornelia. Thank you so much, dear 🙂


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