Welcoming Seventeen


Hello Sunday and hello 17! I can’t express how grateful I am today for all His unlimited blessings for me, for all talents that I have and for Your love through all this time. Massive thanks goes to my super awesome parents who raised me and give me all their kind-love.



Honestly, I’ve been waiting so long for today. Excited, yeah that’s exactly what I feel. This post will be special because its on my birthday. FYI, I had planned to have a photo session before the day and I finally did! Thank you goes to my lovely & cute photographer Vattaya Zahra who make it happened for me. Last but not least, bunch of thank you for all birthday greetings. I just can’t describe how happy I am 🙂



Crop top – Belove Did
Outer – Stage Of Playlord
Skirt – The Executive
Sling bag – Cocolyn
Necklace – Pixie
Heels – Christian Siriano

Photos by Vattaya Zahra

Instagram: aubreycornelia
Contact me through aubreycornelia@gmail.com


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