Blue Monday


I’m thankful for every day that God has given to me, whether it’s good or bad. But I believe there’s definitely something beautiful for me in every day, every time.



As I said in my Instagram yesterday, I’ll make a SECRET GIVEAWAY and you wouldn’t know what will I give. This giveaway is for all my followers and blog readers. I’ll post something in my Instagram which is a question that you have to answer. Make sure you follow it correctly 😉 Here’s the way:
1. Follow my Instagram @aubreycornelia
2. Answer my question by leaving your comment below (see the pic that I’ll upload on Instagram soon)
3. Don’t forget to leave your email after you answer the question!

P.S: I will choose the winner randomly and contact you through the email. Good luck!



Can’t get enough of this baby blue top from Shop At Velvet. Love struck!



Photos by Inosensia Winona

Top – Shop At Velvet
Shorts – GAP
Sling bag – Oriflame
Head piece – 88
Necklace – 88
Watch – Oriflame
Shoes – Charles & Keith

Instagram: aubreycornelia
Contact me through


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