Day Off


Hello, happy Tuesday! Its been a month I didn’t upload any outfits post on my blog (I’m so sorry) because I must facing the exams since a week ago and it ends in just 3 days. Woah, God bless me.



This morning, I woke up at 7 a.m with a bright smile because I know today’s my day off! So glad that I got a chance doing a photoshoot and share a new post!


Visited a cute cake shop named Havermeelkoek for brunch with a friend. When I saw this cake shop from a far, I was so surprised at first. I was thinking that it would be a big cake shop but it’s actually a cute little cake shop with vintage and modern ambience inside! Don’t forget to try their tasty food! Gosh!




Top – Cameo
Shorts – Zara
Head piece – 88
Bracelet – Oriflame
Loafer – Airwalk

Instagram: aubreycornelia
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