Birthday Edition

March 22nd, 1998 – March 22nd 2016. Officially 18 years yeaaay! Actually, it is supposed to be uploaded yesterday. Well, time flies so fast, really fast, isn’t it? I’ve been through ups and downs, good and bad journeys in my life for eighteen years. Got so many life lessons that I really grateful for.


The more I grow up, the more I know that life is precious. You can’t live forever, we’re not everlasting. Time is limited, time goes by so quick. Do good for everyone, be kind, and make a change. Life’s a blessing, its a grace from God. I’ve learned a lot from people who came in my life through these years. People come and go. Some people came in my life as blessings, some may came in my life as lessons. I’ve knew that. That’s what life is. Life isn’t only about smile, happiness, laughs, and loves, but sometimes life gives you sadness and tears to make you stronger than you could ever imagine before.


Anyway, thank you so much for everyone’s birthday wishes for me. Sorry I can’t reply one by one. May God bless you all in everything. Once again, thank you! 🙂





All pictures captured by Inosensia Wina ❤

Inner – Zara
Knit sweater – Zara
Flower short – Avenue


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