Emina Sugar Rush


Look at that adorable sugar rush box! Do you wanna see what’s inside the box? I’ll tell ya later. Just keep reading 😉

As you may seen on my Instagram exactly on the 11th June, I was invited to a blogger gathering which was held by Emina. It was so fun, I got lot of new friends there. We had some girly chit-chat, and another girly thing. We came from any backgrounds, any differences, likes and unlikes, but Emina unites us.



After that, we were divided into four groups. Each groups have three people. Guess what we did?


Yes, decorate the cupcakes! And good news, my team won, yay!

Anyway, all of us were requested to choose out three favorite items from their cosmetics. Yeah you know, girls always like it. And now, I’ll show you what products that I chose.

1. Sugar Rush LipstickCookie Dough”


I found my self a fan of nude shades now 😉

2.  Crème de la Crème Lipstick “Chloe’s Fuschia”


This one is the unique one. It has a mirror on the lipstick! Now you can have a kissable lips everywhere, anywhere,  no need to worry anymore 😉


3.  Cheeklit Marshmallow Lady”


Who likes blushy cheeks? 😉


So that’s all the answer for the “what’s inside the cute box” that I’ve told you before. Last but not least, thank you so much Emina for having me ❤


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