Five days ago, exactly last Sunday, I was invited to Amazara Open House. For you who never know Amazara before, it is an Indonesian local brand from Yogyakarta founded on 2015. For years, Amazara creates lots of affordable yet stylish shoes comes with good quality.

Here’s the short story when I was in Amazara Open house. I was asked to choose my favorite shoes for a little photo session. Guess, what shoes I like? Find the answer below 😉

Which one? 😉

So this is the answer. EVELYN, one of Amazara’s collections that I like the most! So casual but eye-catching at the same time! Oh and also comfortable!

Not only meet good shoes, but I met new friends even from another city, and yeah, meeting new friends is always fun. The open house was going well, and we were all happy. Good time, good people.

Left to right: kak Nia, kak Amel, kak Uma Hapsari (founder of Amazara), me, kak Lia.

Left to right: kak Amel, kak Agi, me, kak Lia, kak Roro, kak Nia.
Yeay, sweet treats!
Cute little spot!
My blogger fellas. Yeay we’re #amazarasquad!

Thank you Amazara for inviting me ❤


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