Can you see the deer? 

Well, first thing first, I’m so obsessed with deer, so much. Look at that wall painting tho! Good job NOE Coffee & Kitchen, you choose a good one! They choose a male deer as their logo because it is the only deer with antlers and the logo has a meaning behind it. The male deer’s antlers grow over time, so does a hope for NOE

Front bar look

The ambiance is good and warm enough for me. FYI, if you’re Instagram-ers and you’re looking for good pictures for your feed, I suggest you to come here in the morning or between 2-4 p.m for the best natural lighting 😉 

Just take a look down below, I ordered NOE’s Bucket and coffee for sure, this time I chose a cup of Caffè Mocha. NOE’s Bucket is a bucket of love, good for snacking with some chit-chats with your favorite ones 😉

For the coffee, it depends on your own taste, so it’s better for you to taste it by yourself 😉 

P.S: Don’t worry for you non-coffee lovers, NOE also provided another non coffee drink that you must try! 

NOE’s Bucket: Chicken pop corn, sausages, thick-cut fried potatoes, etc.
Caffè Mocha

NOE’s Coffee & Kitchen is open daily from 7 a.m – 1 a.m. So what are you waiting for, grab your favorite meals and coffee 😉 


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